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Founder of Reginald Edward Holloway McKenzie Foundation Inc.

(REHM Foundation Inc.) a recognized IRS 501(c)3) organization

Board officer Dr. Robert L. McKenzie

The founder of REHM Foundation Inc. holds 6 academic degrees a graduate of Capella University with a Doctorate in Criminal Justice, and Troy University with a Masters in Public Administration. REHM Foundation Inc. was founded in April 2005, named in honor of his nephew Reginald Edward Holloway McKenzie.  Known in the community as Reggie.  Although the primary focus is to fund preventive counseling for children 11-18 years of age (when funding is available). The Foundation, periodically throughout the year makes donations to, men, women, and children who are in need of clothing within the local community. REHM Foundation also makes donations of toys to families during the Christmas Holiday season.  We support our outreach efforts by collecting donations online and having fundraisers throughout the year by selling art, calendars, and other items to purchase new items for distribution to families in need. Please consider clicking on the donate button today to make a monetary gift to the foundation in order to purchase new items in order to support our community outreach program. Click on the donate button to make your tax-deductible gift today.

Thank you,

Dr. Robert L. McKenzie

Our Values

To develop a value system that teaches the youth to prepare for their continued education and careers.

To develop a value system that provides a foundation for youth to become financial leaders.

To develop a value system that fosters entrepreneurship and community service.

To develop a value system in principles of leadership, and recognition of finances in the foreign exchange markets and influences on global economy.

To develop a value system that encourages a drug free environment to acquire a leadership skills.

To develop a value system that encourages youth to desire being informed, educated, and employed with the power to articulate within the politics that governs their lives as well as the world.

To develop a value system that encourages technological innovation that creates national and international education opportunities.

To give them the tools to put the world in their hands.


Our Mission

Supports After School literacy programs that mentors youth while enhancing personal values through leadership. Providing opportunity for optimal growth, achievements, vital to their financial future. 

Supports intended  outcomes to improve participant's achievement in financing, portfolio building, bank accounts, money management, with the focus in the global economies.

Supports a fun financial course for young adults ages 11 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school.  In order to promote healthy financial responsibility among today’s teens.

Seeks to give young people the opportunity to handle their own finances in order to excel within this area. Teens aren’t supplied with the skills to prepare for a positive financial future until very late in life, if at all.

Vision is “about seeing students discover, plan, and develop a sound and advantageous step into their destinies as responsible citizens financially.”


Our Goals

To acquire a building for national and international business

globalization to uplift children worldwide to provide a safe environment

to eliminate hunger and homelessness.

To promote socialization and the developmental language skills of youth.

To stimulate the cognitive language, gross motor control, and the communication skills of each youth.

To strengthen the family and foster healthy growth and developmental skills in the area of finance of the youth/teenagers through adulthood.

To support families in creating an environment that expands youth success in a global economics.

To encourage communication between parents and teens to help

prepare them for a successful future.

To provide the community with a resource of effective family strengthening that accomplice a holistic approach for youth at risk.

To improve the youth's level of self-esteem by showing them, they are somebody.

To develop and implement a promising program that address the

youth's education.


Board of


Dr. Robert L. McKenzie 


Board Member 

Mr. Raoul C.              

Board Member


Mrs. Nadine G.

Board Member


Mr. Robert G.

Board Member

Mrs. Charmaine M.

Board Member 

Ms. Nicole H.            

Board Member


Mr. Dennis H. 

Board Member

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